Future Stars Football Academy

Our Story

Founding A Nebula in South Sudan

Humble Beginnings with a Galactic Vision

South Sudan, the world’s newest nation nestled in East Africa along the Nile River, founded in 2011, has experienced decades of brutal liberation and civil wars. A mass exodus of refugees, along with the destruction of local livelihoods, institutions, and infrastructure, creating hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people has been detrimental for the younger generations. Opportunities are scarce and life is often a dead-end. We identified football as a key instrument to begin building a future for our youth.

Our story begins well before the founding of the academy when a group of current and former national team players and coaches realized the limited opportunities for South Sudanese youth to develop their football and scholastic talents. Football for us is a vehicle to forge the future leaders of South Sudan in all realms of society, from the fields to the classrooms and beyond.We then found community partners who shared our vision and desire to serve internally displaced and orphaned youth. In 2020, Future Stars Football Academy was born in Juba, the country’s largest city, to give the youth a place to create a future, and be the stars who guide South Sudan to peace, prosperity, and security.

Our Identity

Empowering Youth through Football

Football is the most popular sport in South Sudan; and by using football, we are able to create opportunities for students, coaches, and the community.

The three pillars of FSFA are: 1. Education – The bedrock of a prosperous individual and community; 2. Football – Athletics teach life lessons for well-rounded individuals and promote community cohesion; 3. Community Development – Investing and giving back to our community will ensure that we all progress together.

Our Core Values

  • Fun – we trust in football being an enriching experience.
  • Inclusiveness – we believe football should welcome all who wish to participate.
  • Quality – we strive for the highest level of service and accomplishment for all members.
  • Fair Play – we believe in fairness on and off the field of play.

— Our Mission

We strive to educate and train South Sudanese youth so that they will be able to lead the country to peace, security, and prosperity–free of tribalism and conflict. To accomplish this, we have a comprehensive scholarship and football program where boys and girls can practice soccer and attend school. Additionally, we work to develop our coaches and community through education and investment.


— Our Vision

We aim to build a residential youth academy where players will live, study, practice, eat, and dream. Future buildings include a dormitory and cafeteria, classrooms, training facilities, and a farm to provide produce and experiential learning.


— Our Impact

We provide football training and scholarships for primary and secondary school for over 100 boys and girls in South Sudan. Additionally, we offer each student a meal after each training session.